Hair Color

The wrong hair color can make you look washed-out, drab, or even muddy.  The main trick is to finding the right hair color to complement, not match your skin undertone. To determine if you have warm or cool undertones,  put on a white long sleeve shirt, stand in natural light, examine the veins on your wrist.  A good rule of thumb is if your veins are blue you’re most likely cool and if they are more greenish your skin tone is warm.


Hair Color Prices and Services:

Regrowth                                                                        $65 
All over color                                                                  $80 and up
Accent Color                                                                   $45
Weave, Highlights, Lowlights, or Combo              $100                                                    
Partial weave                                                                $70                                                           
Baylage                                                                          $90
(Sun kissed color painted on Strands of hair
especially along face)
Ombre or Reverse Ombre                                          $90
(Gradual lightening of hair shaft, Dark to
Light or visa or versa)  
Adding Gloss through ends                                      $90